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DRS is a consulting firm dedicated to education, promotion and guidance as you navigate through the quickly evolving world of digital court reporting and legal transcription.  Perhaps you are just looking to spend some time with industry experts for some advice or you need a longer term commitment as you integrate and grow your business.  DRS has the expert that can help.   


There is an art to producing quality legal transcripts.  It starts with finding right people, using the right tools and developing the right processes.  

Our team of professionals are skilled in all areas necessary for complete and comprehensive transcription production from A to Z and are ready to help you and your team develop the steps to lead you to success.  


They can help you with the tools to track work and progress, assigning team members, creating meaningful and easy to use templates and production tools.  

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Digital reporting is much more than pushing a record button.  It starts with an analysis of what type of reporting you will be conducting and guiding you to the right hardware and software to fit your needs. 


Our team of experts are ready to lead you through your decision making process.  They are ready to share years of experience and knowledge with you and your team with a goal of creating more experts in the field.  They are ready to teach your how to use the recordings, secure the recording and preserve the recordings.   

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Whether you are adding digital reporting and transcription to an existing court reporting firm or going out on your own as a freelancer, our team of experts are here to help you with tools that will streamline your processes and prepare you for growth in the industry.  

From newly getting started to taking things to the next level.  Our team is ready, experienced and eager to help.  From bid response writing, to marketing, to organizational skills.  No task is too big or too small.  

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