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Portable Design

Nimble is your portable digital recording solution. Obtain clearer and more accurate recordings in virtually any situation or setting when paired with our custom-designed NimbleMic.

Simply connect the Nimble to your computer via the included USB cable, set out your microphones, and you’re ready to record. Easy-to-use with maximum flexibility, this portable USB audio interface is a perfect companion to our NoteWise logging and recording solution.

Six individual microphone inputs


Looking for a portable solution to get clearer and more accurate digital recordings of depositions, meetings in judges’ chambers, or council meetings? Nimble has you covered. This portable audio interface needs a simple USB to connect to a controlling computer. Nimble, with its convenient carrying case, makes digital recording, with up to six microphones, on-the-go a cinch with:

  • Audio recording identification

  • Mutable NimbleMics with visual indication

  • Compatibility with other microphones including standard PC mics

  • Configurable pre-amp adjustments

Although Nimble can be used with other applications, combining it with JAVS NoteWise allows it to be used to its full potential.

Nimble up close.png
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