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  • 6 shielded Rj45 line-level audio inputs

  • USB connected to PC

  • Accepts JAVS JM-14 FlexMicrophones

  • Lightweight portability

  • JAVS audio development algorithm for engineered record and PA quality

  • RoHS compliant

Digital recording just got easier.


Capturing audio from judges’ chambers, hearing rooms, interrogation rooms, and more can easily be done with the P306. Sporting six input channels, the P306 is a lightweight USB audio device perfect for providing audio to video conferencing, phone conferencing, public address, and assistive listening systems. The six input channels can be routed and mixed to any of the four output channels.
While the JAVS P306 is designed to be used with the JAVS FlexMic, adapters may be used to connect conventional microphones and other third party audio signals.
Get the most out of the P306 by pairing it with NoteWise, JAVS’ user-friendly audio recording software solution.

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